Why Shamrock Blockchain?

High Transparency. Daily Rewards.


The public invests small amounts of money to inspire more contributors to solve open problems and engage with the project.

Project Development
by Community

Shamrock values the principles of transparency, demand-responsiveness, participation, and accountability.

Daily Reward

Chia farming is getting harder every day. It will not happen with Shamrock. About 43200 blocks are distributed per day.


No early access, pre-mine, or allocation of tokens to anyone. 100% owned and governed by the community from the start.


Outlines the vision, direction, and progress of Shamrock over time.

Time Frame: 2021 - 2022

Phase 01

  • Mainnet Release
  • Raise Shamrock’s netspace to 2 EiB
  • Raise 5,000 users on Discord
  • Build a marketplace
  • Referral program

Phase 01

Phase 02

  • Raise Shamrock’s netspace to 4 EiB
  • Launch a crowd funding and voting system: new features will be voted and funded by the community
  • Gamification: Points/Tasks
  • Influencer Marketing Partnership

Phase 02

Phase 03

  • Listed on 3 CEX
  • Spot trading with SRN
  • On-going UX/UI performance improvements
  • Raise 10,000 users on Discord
  • Raise Shamrock’ netspace to 7 EiB

Phase 03

Phase 04

  • Listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko
  • Raise Marketing funds
  • Develop Shamrock V2

Phase 04

Shamrock Discord

Update important news and notifications. 

Share your experience with Shamrock community.

We are heading to 10,000 users on Discord.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check these Frequently Asked Questions for more helpful insights about Shamrock

We build Shamrock based on the Chia™ Network consensus protocol (https://www.chia.net/greenpaper/) called Proofs of Space and Time, with some consensus constants tuning for farmers farming in Shamrock can get rewards more frequently.

Cryptocurrency value is built from the community, not from any person. The value of SRN is currently unknown. The value of SRN high or low is decided on the growing support from the community. If you believe in Chia and crypto missions in general, then farm SRN because it just costs you a small additional power to farm SRN.

Yes, existing Chia plots can be used to farm on the Shamrock Network.

Shamrock fork and use opensource codebase from Chia version 1.1.7, therefore farmers can re-use OG plots in Chia to farming parallel in Shamrock, with source code or release build of Shamrock on Github (will be public when launching).’

Upcoming features will be prioritized by the community’s demand. You can donate and vote on the Crowdfunding page.

There are 2 categories of grants: Requests for Proposals and Open Dev Grants. Whenever the project is finished, supporting farmers can vote on whether the project is good enough to release the funds or not. More details at our Crowdfunding page.

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